Hey! My name is Hana and I am a fun and creative photographer based in Teesside. My love of photography actually came from my love of music. When it came to my GCSEs I decided I wanted to take music as one of my options, even though I could literally play no instruments or sing (I struggled through it playing Titanic on guitar as my final piece WOOO) I got an E :(

HOWEVER around the same time I started going to gigs, taking a little bridge camera I borrowed off my mum to photograph my favourite bands. It became more than a hobby and I loved it - I basically needed it; it got rid of any confidence issues I had! From this I went on to take photography at college, followed by university. I started taking pictures of everyone and everything that I could. I loved looking for quirky little details, capturing moments people may forget. The fact I could capture a personality within a photograph excited me so much!

Although it all started out with bands I dont limit myself to one particular area of photography now as I see so much similarity in all my subjects. I love the fact I can capture a moment in time that someone can keep forever. 

When I take photos I love to get to know my subject - almost become your little photo buddy! I think its important for my subjects to feel at ease and almost as if they know me so they feel comfortable around me. I also work in a very non intrusive way - I enjoy spending time in the background capturing the most natural, special moments: the emotion; the little details; as well as some pretty funny photos too! 

I also LOVE the outdoors, I always enjoy going on nice walks or bike rides and this follows through within my photography. I like to shoot all of my sessions on location, including portrait and promo shoots, to ensure there is a natural feel to every image. If you are unsure where you would like to shoot I can talk to you to find a location to reflect your unique personality!

I've met so many amazing people through photography and shared so many special moments. I can't wait to meet you too! :) 


Things I love:


Listening to records, drinking tea, live music, painting furniture, colouring in, playing my bass guitar, bike rides, cooking, quirky books, notebooks and pens, writing letters, vintage clothes, the smell of incense, solid perfume, hippie rugs, tapestries, fairy lights, dreamcatchers, independent coffee shops & gift shops, charity shops, markets, spending time with my other half in our lovely little home, precious family moments, capturing memories of everything I do and everywhere I go (I love to print my pictures off and keep them as keepsakes from all of the places I've been!), that feeling I get when I have a happy customer.