A Little More About Me...

HEY!! I thought this first blog post should help you get to know me a little more! I want you to feel like we really know each other when we meet! Here I'll expand on some of the things on my about me and add some extras!

I mentioned before that I LOVE coffee shops - Rounton Coffee and Off the Ground are my fav Teesside coffee shops and this pic below is in my fav Coffee Shop back home - it's called Maranta and everything in it is for sale - HOW AMAZING!?

My little terrible drawings - I started Terrible By Hana in lockdown - my husband was doing some of his illustration work and he told me to draw something on my Macbook trackpad - I absolutely do not have the skills but what was a joke became kind of serious! I haven't done any drawings in a while but you can find them all over at Terrible By Hana on Facebook and Instagram and I do have an Etsy for it too!! Here is my little Okapi I drew - I put it on some beanie hats too!

I absolutely LOVE travelling! Some of my fav places to visit are Brighton, Manchester and Sheffield - they're all so quirky in their own ways and I absolutely love visiting! Getting married in these places? HIT ME UP!! I also have a big list of places I really want to visit including Glasgow, Bristol, Bath, Cambridge and Chester! Hopefully I'll get there sometime soon! I mentioned I LOVE music but thought I'd name some of my fav bands: Martha, Milk Crimes, Charmpit, The Spook School, Dream Nails, Big Joanie, The Staves and Bon Iver! I LOVE music festivals - I used to photograph a few of them and it was so amazing - we're curating a stage at Greenbelt Festival this year as well as hosting our annual fest Mousetival but we had to set up a mini fest in our front room and watch Glastonbury on the TV!

My family are my absolute world!! I love having little adventures with them!! Here is a pic of my daughter and husband!

Here is me and Aisy having some fun by the River...

...and to finish this little blog post off here is one of my terrible drawings of my daughters fav cartoon Bluey - if you haven't watched this please do! It is SOOO wholesome!!!