Wedding photography should be fun!

Wedding photography should be fun!

I love to capture you living your best lives, having the best day ever, no awkward moments - just great times! 


When I photograph a wedding I like to be somewhere in the middle of your new best friend and nicely hidden away - sounds like polar opposites right?!

BUT I think both of these things can be super important at different times of the day. I like to be able to chat away to you and your guests about anything and I LOVE a little bop on the dance floor when taking photos of all the moves you’re all busting out.

I'll make everyone feel at ease and like they can pull there best poses at the camera but at some points of the day...


(Oh hey, the legal bit when you’re super anxious - I literally had the OH MY I CAN’T GET THE RING ON HIS FINGER moment myself at my wedding!)

...I feel it’s important for me to blend into the background and just capture all the emotions without you feeling super anxious about having a camera in your face. 

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As well at capturing all the best moments - the killer dance moves, the belly laughing, the loving looks and just everyone having the best ever time I LOVE to capture the little things that make your wedding, well, your wedding! 

Everyone has a theme in some way - even if you don't think you do - and I love to go round and capture all the little quirks and bits of your personality that you've thrown into the day!


The little bits of you that make you



The little details!

The little details!


"We couldn't have asked for more for our wedding photography! Absolutely gorgeous pictures and so unintrusive... Captured so many lovely moments and just went the extra mile every time."

Katie and Matt

"...the photos she took are truly magical. We had quite a unique wedding day, and so the task of photographing it how we wanted wasn't easy, but Hana took it in her stride and did it so beautifully. She really did capture the essence of our whole day perfectly."

Aimee and Alex


"Absolutely love them Hana, you have done an amazing job at capturing everyone having a good day, I couldn’t have chose a better photographer..."

Lisa and Stephen

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